Salt Purchasing Efficiency + Cost Savings Hack

If you’re an animal-based eater, carnivore, or follow a ketogenic diet, you probably blow through salt like we do in our household.

In fact, increasing my sodium intake was one of the best things I ever did for my health. (Read more about that here if you’re interested.)

The moment we have a topped off salt shaker, I basically blink and then it’s gone. Between liberally salting our food and adding it to our water, it’s incredible how fast we go through salt.

Week after week we would purchase salt shaker after salt shaker from the grocery store. Like I do with all of our other household products, I began to wonder if there was a better, more efficient way to purchase salt that would also save us money. And I found it!

Below is a simple little hack we started last year. I’m so happy I thought of this and can’t imagine going back.

  1. Purchase one 10 oz salt shaker (or a reusable one – this is the one we have) from Redmond Real Salt (or use an existing one you already have).
  2. Purchase one (or a few) 10-lb bulk buckets (also from Redmond Real Salt). (UPDATE: Redmond no longer sells 10-lb buckets. More on this below. They now have 10-lb bags and 25-lb bags which will work just like the 10-lb buckets did.)
  3. Use the bucket supply to refill the salt shaker.

10 oz salt shaker

When I shared this on my Instagram page, my followers loved the idea. I got tons of messages from folks who let me know they had never thought of this and were super excited to purchase their own buckets.

Not only do I no longer have to think about buying salt during our weekly grocery trips, it is now so easy to walk over to our pantry once our salt shaker is empty and fill it up. Free space in my head and a more efficient/quicker refill process. Win-win.

And for you folks who like to save money, here’s the cost savings breakdown…

A Redmond Real Salt salt shaker is $6.35 for 10 oz. That’s $0.635/oz. (It’s probably even more expensive at the grocery store.)

One Redmond Real Salt 10-lb bulk bucket is $53.90. That’s $0.337/oz, so almost half the price of a salt shaker.

And on top of that…you can use my code (ASHLEYR) and save an additional 15% off your order, so…

That’s $45.82 for one 10-lb bucket which comes out to be $0.286/oz compared to $0.635/oz for a salt shaker.

Quite a savings!

(Note: I haven’t done the calculation, but compared to the 10-lb bucket, the cost per oz is lower with the 25-lb bags…so the cost savings is even greater if you go with the 25-lb bags.)

Also, Redmond offers free shipping for orders over $30, so if you buy at least one bag, you’ll get free shipping.

25-lb bulk bag

UPDATE: Due to shipping issues, Redmond no longer offers 10-lb bulk buckets (sadly). However, while I was mourning the loss of the 10-lb buckets, I came across these 25-lb bags on their website! They’re much cheaper per unit compared to the 10-lb buckets, and while I loved the buckets, I’ll always go for the better deal.

If 25-lb bags are too much salt for you, Redmond replaced the 10-lb buckets with 10-lb bags!

Note: They offer the 10-lb bags in fine and kosher and the 25-lb bags in fine, coarse, kosher, and powdered.

Update: for those who really miss the buckets, Redmond now offers a 10-lb bag + an empty bucket for salt storage option. 🙂

It’s as simple as that! I hope you found this little salt purchasing hack useful.

Like I said before, I’m so happy I thought of this and can’t imagine going back to purchasing salt shakers from the grocery store.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to me at

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Ashley Rothstein
Ashley Rothstein

Ashley Rothstein develops tasty, whole food, animal-based recipes that include a moderate amount of “minimally toxic” plant foods. To fix her own health issues, she bounced around between the carnivore, keto, and paleo diets for a few years. After experiencing and studying each diet philosophy, she learned she feels her best by merging the three and following an animal-based diet. As a glut at heart, she likes to channel her creativity and create meals that are healthy but also satisfy her inner gluttonous spirits.


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