Pregnant or looking to become pregnant? Congratulations!

If you’re looking for a guide on how to follow an animal-based diet while pregnant, I recommend starting with the below post.


Heart & Soil Films featured our story in their mini-documentary, Nourished, which spotlights animal-based pregnancies. Click on the below image to watch it on YouTube.

Looking to replace your synthetic prenatal vitamin?

I decided against taking a prenatal vitamin while I was pregnant. Instead, I relied on nutrient-dense food and real food supplements – like beef organs and desiccated oysters – to fuel me and build baby. Below are the products I recommend taking in place of a prenatal alongside a high-calorie nutrient-rich diet.

Note: Do not take this recommendation as absolute. Do your own research and/or work with your provider. These are just suggestions based on my own experience, research, conversations with health experts, and what I took during my own pregnancy in place of a conventional prenatal vitamin.

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Beef Organs

Part of Heart & Soil’s prenatal stack. Well-rounded spread of nutrient-dense beef organs: liver, heart, pancreas, spleen, and kidney.

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Part of Heart & Soil’s prenatal stack. Healthy fats to nourish you and baby.

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Part of Heart & Soil’s prenatal stack. Beef blood, spleen, and liver. Helps build blood, improve iron stores, and prevent anemia.

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Mood, Memory & Brain

Part of Heart & Soil’s prenatal stack. Consists of nutrient-dense liver, nourishing bone marrow, and brain.

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Note: If you’re looking for an organ supplement source that is cheaper than Heart & Soil but still high quality, consider . They offer a and a . You won’t get the targeted support that you do with Heart & Soil, but these are great alternatives. Perfect Supplements also offers both products in bulk powders. Use ASHLEYR for 10% off at checkout.


Wild-Caught Fish Eggs

For DHA/EPA to help build baby’s brain. Especially important if you don’t eat much fish.


Desiccated Oysters

For zinc, selenium, B12, iodine, and copper.

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Real Food Vitamin C

Only if not eating plentiful amounts of fruit.

Single-source: Whole food vitamin C supplement sourced from acerola cherries. For those who are looking for a single-source vitamin C supplement. (ASHLEYR for 10% off.)

Multi-fruit: Whole food vitamin C supplement sourced from exotic berries and fruit extracts. For those who don’t mind (or for those who prefer) the fruit variety.


Bone Matrix

Only if not eating plentiful amounts of calcium-rich foods like raw dairy and bone broth.

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mag breakthrough

Full-Spectrum Magnesium

To help support the high magnesium requirements during pregnancy and resolve many known pregnancy ailments (related to magnesium deficiency).

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Magnesium Malate/Glycinate

To help support the high magnesium requirements during pregnancy along with energy levels and sleep.

Malate is known to be energizing, so consume in the morning for a boost.

Glycinate is known to be relaxing, so consume in the evening (alongside full-spectrum magnesium) to aid in restful sleep.

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real salt

Sea Salt

Salt (a good source of it) is a pregnant woman’s best friend. One of the reasons I think I had such a good pregnancy (and barely any swelling) was my sky-high consumption of salt. Check out this salt-purchasing hack to make your salt-buying game cheap and efficient.

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If you’re not outdoors enough, know that you have low D levels, if pregnant during a dark winter, or if you would like to be on the safe side.

Liquid: offers less precise dosage, but often better absorption.

Encapsulated: precise dosage, but it can be harder to absorb due to going through the digestive tract.

Check out the below posts to learn more about why I took what I took during pregnancy.

Planning to breastfeed?

If you’re currently nursing or plan to, in the below post, I share what I eat on a typical day (since I get requests for this a lot) and unpack how I analyze my diet, energy, and habits to make sure I’m on track to sustain my milk supply.

Want your cycle back postpartum?

Around 1 year postpartum, I started to become concerned that my cycle hadn’t returned. We weren’t in a rush to conceive again, but I wanted my period back. In this blog post, I go over what I tried in an attempt to bring my cycle back, plus I highlight two things that I think greatly contributed to my cycle’s return. Spoiler alert: I didn’t have to give up nursing!

Starting solids with your babe?

I receive messages from parents who eat animal-based diets and want to feed their babies in the same way, but aren’t sure how to do it as conventional advice points them in the opposite direction. In the below post, I discuss my thoughts on weaning styles and walk you through how I create animal-based meals for my daughter (she is 8 months old), provide 20+ sample meals and recipes, link the tools we use, and go over eating frequency, cup/utensil practice, and more.

Not into lots of “stuff”?

Me either. I’m a minimalist. When you have a new baby, you can’t get away with buying nothing, but from the get go I decided that I didn’t want to bring a bunch of pointless junk into our house. Instead, I hoped for every item to be functional and serve a purpose. I roughly follow Montessori principles and learn from how our ancestors mothered. If this philosophy sounds aligned with yours, check out the below post for my must-haves during the newborn stage and beyond.

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